We Are Green

Even though A-Prime does not control the manufacturing of our products, we try very hard to provide materials with the capability to function with alternative energy options or offer materials that are manufactured by companies who strive to be green.

Tap into our website from time to time for announcements about which of our manufacturers are working to become environmentally conscious.

In Need of a Green Idea?

Incorporate balers into your waste management process. Here’s why:

  • Over 90% of all products in the US are packaged with cardboard materials of which 90% of old corrugated cardboard (OCC) derives from retailers - isn’t it time for you to do your part to help the environment?
  • Baled materials streamline the waste process, increase efficiency and are recyclable
  • Baling loose wastes enables you to account for your waste, pinpoint packaging inefficiencies and consolidate them
  • Your audiences are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious


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