Management Team

Michael Zelman, Owner & President

Mike has been working in the material handling industry since the 1960’s and founded the company that A-Prime, Inc. originated from in 1977. Since then, he has worked honestly and hard to create the flourishing company that A-Prime Handling, Inc. is today and, thanks to his experience, is passing on a wealth of industry relevant knowledge to the A-Prime, Inc. team.

Daniel Zelman, Vice President

The baton has almost fully been passed to Dan to run the business. He is actively involved in all facets of A-Prime’s operations but has struck the right balance between not being too involved in the decisions that he trusts his staff to make. Additionally, Dan is a savvy manager who assesses each situation fairly. His push toward innovation (in work and lifestyle) stabilizes A-Prime, Inc. as both the material handling company of today and the material handling company of tomorrow.

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